Thursday, March 20, 2014

WRM Flower Punch Board

The long awaited Flower Punch Board is here!  Susie and I got a chance to sit down and play with it. I had the great idea of turning our "ho-hum" pens we keep in the BEE at the counter, into a lovely bouquet. Let us show you what we did....

Following the chart on the board cut your paper in to the desired size.  The board has an inch and cm chart. Pretty nifty!  (A picture of that chart would have been good here, camera lady)

Pay attention to the DIAMETER measurement that's listed. We made a Large flower first, not noticing the diameter measurement, and it was a WHOPPER!

NOTE: those bigger flowers require TWO strips!

Take your strip and line the edge up with the first score line. Punch then score the diagonal line.

Slide the paper down until you see the line of the desired flower size through the slit that the punch makes. Have I lost you yet?  Hang in there. (Note to SELF:  need a picture of this part...oh but there's that chart we didn't have earlier!)

Score BOTH the vertical and diagonal lines.

Score Gently...

this bone folder, can cut like buttah if you press too hard.

I love butter. The real stuff. Not that plastic man-made stuff.


To make the flowers dimensional, lop off a petal or two (I did two) along the score line. I know, I know, all that work and now you're cutting it off....

Trust me.

At this point we inked the edges, cuz everything we do involves inking edges.

Well most everything.

Ok, maybe just some things.

Come to think of it, it's been awhile since I've gotten inky....hmmmm, gonna ink everything now, by george.

((who is George anyway?))

Sorry no picture of the inky goodness. :(
 (Camera lady is really pushin' the limit here.)

Now start accordion folding. The first fold is that first diagonal score line.  Fold it to the back. Continue back and forth, gathering and holding the bottom of each petal with your thumb.

Or a friend's thumb. Isn't Susie's thumb the cutest?

 Remember that first little vertical flappy thing that you folded to the back?  Put some adhesive on that.

Now is the tricky part.  It was all cake up until now.

Line up the other end with the vertical score line and press to adhere.  No picture. AGAIN.  Camera lady is excused, we needed her hands too.

You can do it. I have faith in you.

This next step is what takes the flower to a whole 'nother level.  Makes it so pretty, I could just cry.

There's a STICK thingy that has a little SLIT thingy at the end.  It's stored right next to the BONE FOLDER thingy.

Slip the petal tip into the slit (or not--either way it'll still give the desired effect) Curve each petal around that handy dandy little tool...and bask in your handmade flower glory.

((sniff, sniff))

Now go back. Repeat this process with different sizes and different patterned paper. You'll thank us later.

For our project, we used the stem accessory pack so that we could later adhere them to our pens. This was super easy...

Three little pieces and you've got the beginnings of a really PURTY BOOOOKAY!  

Those stems are REALLY, REALLY, REALLY long. So you'll need to cut them down.  

Or not. 

But if you do, you'll need some wire cutters.

Or pruning shears.

Who needs floral tape when you've got wasabi washi tape? Wrapped that ugly old pen and the PURTY flower together...

added a GIANT enamel dot for the center....

and BEE has never been happier!

Wait, what? What's that you say? You don't want a stemmed flower?

Ok. NO prob.  You'll need a big glue dot and a small circle of paper.  Stick that purty baby to that.

Add a cute button in the center...

or a big 'ol piece of bling.....

OR one of those Big BRADS you've never known what to do with but are still hanging onto and hiding in your stash cuz you don't throw anything away cuz you know as soon as you do you'll be needing it.

Now you've got yourself a floral embellishment that can be used for so many things.

Layouts, cards, a gift Box (remember the WE R Memory Keepers Gift Box Punch Board?), gift bag (yep, there's a punch board for that too).

Put them on banners, string 'em together to make a lei, put 'em in your hair. Pin 'em to your clothes. Throw 'em at company as they come through the door....

Lots of possibilities.

You still with us? In a floral confusion haze?

No worries. Just watch this HERE. He makes it look so EASY.

Which it is.

We could have made these all day.

Well I could have anyway...

Pretty sure I wore Susie out.

Your gonna want this. And your gonna want to get one for your friend.

Come on by and pick your's up.

$19.99 + tax.

And yes, we'll be happy to give you a demo.

THE End.

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