Monday, October 31, 2011

The Holiday Season is here!

If you're like us here at Scrappin' Goodtime, you're already planning Thanksgiving dinner, making Christmas lists & thinking about decorating your house for all the festivities. Where does the time go???

Last week we talked about the new rage, Smash Book. Well, I don't know if you realize it, but Mini albums have been burning up the internet for a couple of years and they're even hotter now. There just doesn't seem to be enough time. Pictures never get developed for the scrapbook pages you intend to get done or they get developed and never get put in an album.

A mini album is intended to cover one subject or event. It also, like Smash Book, is supposed to be quick, easy & stress-free. I have fallen in love with them because they take less time, less paper and comes together much quicker than a whole album. They can be embelished to the hilt or be very simple & to the point. The one we have at the store right now is embelished generously & you'll learn three different flower making techniques. But we have classes coming up soon that aren't so "froo-froo." We'll be putting pictures up & offering classes for them so keep watching!

Our home decor projects & ornaments are to die for! So pretty and quick to make. We'll also be doing make & takes on Friday evening for those working women as well as adding evening classes

Don't you like the idea of a no-stress holiday season? I know I do!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Scrappin Goodtime Reunion


Next month will be the store's 9th Anniversary!!
Wow!! It's so hard to believe it's been that long.
I have met so many nice people and have made some really great friends. One of them, a regular Friday nighter at the store, suggested this last week as she was leaving. "Why don't you have a reunion? It would be so much fun to see some of the people who have been coming to the Friday night and Saturday crop parties over the past 9 years." We looked at the calendar and I love repeating dates, some of you may have attended my BIG crop party on 08/08/08. We had 40 people at that party. Next month we will have 11/11/11 what better date could we have asked for. Perfect!!

Friday $11.00 per person
1:11 pm until 11:11 pm
and if you want to come back on Saturday for an ALL DAY CROP Party
it will be FREE, of course it will be from 11:11 am till 11:11 pm
11 plus 11% OFF purchases (22%)

I will furnish dinner, you bring dessert and drinks
FREE Goodie Bag for everyone
Bring your scrapbook so we can catch up!!
Call to reserve your spot. Sorry, I don't have room for 40 people this time.

PS. You can come even if you have never attended before. You can be one of our new scrapbook friends.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


So what is Smash Book? The scrapbook world has come up with a way to save your stuff. Great for busy moms, students, or travelers to journal and scrap on the go.
Just put all of your tickets, receipts, pictures, etc. in your book. It comes with a handy little tool that's a pen on one end and glue stick on the other.
Also available are cute tabs, journeling tablets, pockets, tape, and much more to go with any of the 6 different colored books.
Fill it as full as you want, if it won't close, just smash it shut and use a cute Smash Band to keep it that way!

Viva Pearl Pens

Our Viva Pearl Pens are in and Stephanie, of our Design Team, loves them! They retail for S4.99, which is better than ordering on line because you don't pay the postage! They are a little more than Liquid Pearls, but you get almost twice as much product. Stephanie likes them because they dry faster & make prettier pearls. They never leave a little "nipple" on top! You can also put them on your teflon mat then remove them when they dry. This is great if you're nervous about putting them directly on your page or card - just glue them where you want them. Go to our Face Book page and let us know how you what you think!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Classes, Classes, and more

The Design Team/Dream Team and I had a meeting yesterday and put together a jam packed October calendar of classes and events just in time for the holidays. Unlike the BIG chain stores we are not skipping Halloween and Thanksgiving. We will, though, be offering Christmas classes now so that you will have plenty of time to work on decoration and gift items you learn in the classes. Go to the workshop calendar on the right hand side, click on it, that will pull up this months calendar. If you want more details about a class or event click on it, that will take you to a second page that has pictures, links and more details. All classes require two participants and must be prepaid. Call to reserve your spot 903-641-0855