Monday, August 22, 2011

New Custom School Paper

I have gotten in "New" Custom school paper and stickers. I ordered 2 new styles this year. I have it for most of the schools near Corsicana and some not so close. If I don't have your school, I will be happy to order it. I just need to know the details of your school; name, school colors, mascot and the style you like. I have a catalog with all of the different styles you can pick from. If you make the request for your school, I will order the one you like and hope everyone else at your school agrees with your pick. LOL You do not have to live near Corsicana either, I will take your request over the phone and ship it to you. There will be shipping charges added, so I would suggest you get with other scrapbooking moms in you neighborhood and place a group order. The paper is $1.49 per sheet and the stickers are $2.99 each. Shipping charges will be around $6.00.

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