Saturday, August 6, 2011

Beat the Heat

Get on down to Scrappin' Goodtime!!

It is way too HOT to be outside. We have a flurry of cool
activities planned for this afternoon. We have a crafter's workshop! There are 10 different projects you can choose from. You pick the project you like and work at your own pace, everything is provided including skilled instructors to help you. Projects range in price from $5.00 to $65.00. Check out the slide show below on left hand side.

You want to just work on your scrapbooks, we offer crop time at $1.00 hour with a maxium of $10.00. We will be open till 1:00 am tonight. (Saturday, August 6th)

We are going to be introducing the new 6 pack and a pizza event.
See details and slide show on the right side below.

Not a scrapbooker?? FREE beginners classes this afternoon. Is your child going to be a senior this year? Make them a scrapbook to document their senior year. Better yet, bring them with you. This is a great mother/daughter or son activity. A senior scrapbook is something they will treasure for lifetime.

Call to reserve your spot!!

P.S. I heard on the news this morning that gas prices are lower in Ellis County. Scrappin Goodtime is just an hour away from Dallas and you go through Ellis County to get here.If you have not be to the store this year, we have moved (same shopping center, just a few suites down) to a great big 6,000 square foot suite.


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