Sunday, July 31, 2011

Special Open Retreat

August 11-15
$100.00 for 4 days/ 3 nights

If you have been wanting to come to the retreat, but didn't have a group to come with. Come join us on August 11 - 15.
This is going to be an open retreat where everyone is welcome to come and make NEW scrapbooking friends. Come BEAT the heat, too. I keep the retreat so cool that I have had to  buy blankets. Can you believe that? 110 degrees  and I'm buying blankets. I've told everyone that it will not hurt my feeling or my electric bill if they want to turn the air off, but "no" they all scream it makes for such a wonderful nights sleep. If you don't want a cold room, we have those too.(normal 72 degree) Everyone that has stayed at the retreat have commented on how much they love the mattresses too. One of my BEST BUYS. It's also Teri's Birthday week-end, so if you can't come for the week-end come join us for some of fun on Saturday. Come crop all day for $10.00. We are going to have pizza,  cake, ice cream, goodie bags and games, just like the kids do it. We are going to play some of the games on Minute to Win it and my favorite Deal or No Deal. This is going to be a really fun week-end!!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Week-end Work Shops

Weekend Workshop
I have teamed up with the ladies  at Crafty Neighbor to offer workshops on the weekends. 
 In the workshop format, you pick the project you want to make and work at your on pace. It will be every weekend from 1 pm till 7 pm on Friday and Saturday, so you can find a time that best fits your busy weekend schedule. To reserve your spot a deposit of $15.00 is required in advance.There will be instructors to get you started and help as needed.  You can make one project or all. There are 6 projects to choose from now, but we will add 2 new projects each month. At some point we will have 10 projects every weekend to choose from. Click on the link below to see a slide show of some of the projects. If you put the cursor over the picture it will give you the name and price of that project.

Six Pack and a Pizza

What does that mean??? It's not beer and pizza. Starting in September, on the first weekend of each month, I will be having a pizza party on Friday and Saturday night. (that part I bet you understood). I'm going to change the date to the Last week-end in August, because the first week-end is Labor Day week-end. In Oct it will be the first week-end.  The 6  pack is 3 - two page layout kits with a full color picture of the finished layout and written instructions. The fee will be $40.00 per person. You can make the page layout with an instructor to help you, and enjoy the pizza.  If you can't make it to the party, you can pick it up at the store or I will ship to you for a additional $5.00 fee (pizza will not be included. LOL) I will put up pictures next week of the first months page layouts. In order for us to know how many kits to put together it must be pre-paid by the 25th of each month.  This has been very popular at other stores. With all of us being so busy this will help us get some pages made faster. If you are new to scrapbooking this will also be a great way to learn new techniques.